Tuesday, August 10, 2010

3rd Place Winner at Tiffany Doodles Challenge

Hi everyone,
I won again at the Tiffany Doodles challenge. The card you see in the previous blog is the 3rd place winner! I do love winning! I don't know how the rest of you girls find time to blog during the summer. I can barely keep up with getting materials ready for my Copic Classes. We are off the the Lake of the Ozarks later this week. So, maybe I'll have a chance to make some cards to post then.

We are also remodeling (an ongoing thing) and my office/scrapbook room is on the schedule for tomorrow. That means no computer and no area to do anything for a few days.

So, I hope to talk to you all next week.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Playing with my Blog

Hi everyone,
I'm sorry if every time you look at my blog it's different. I got a message that the BG Iwas using was going to disappear. This is forcing me to redo stuff. I opened up a can of worms. This is not that easy to do. I will keep playing around until I'm happy!

So, please ignore it.

My copic classes are going well. #3 is this Tuesday and the girls are signing up for more. So, that is great!

That doesn't leave me with much time for doing anything else in this arena anyway.

Gotta Go! Later!