Saturday, December 25, 2010

Skin, Hair & Eyes Class

The 2nd class that is scheduled is on "Skin, Hair & Eyes". It's pretty obvious what you will learn in this class. You will leave knowing the basic color grouping for skin. But you will also have a chart of all skin colors to use. Same with Hair. We will color one of the combinations, but you will have a chart for home that has all the most common combinations on it.We'll also do a very brief tutorial on eyes. It's pretty cool! You will need the following list of Copic Markers for this class- E000, E00, E11, R20, E53, E55, E57, Y11, Y21, YR21, N2 & .35 Black Multiliner.

Here are the sample cards that you will see posted at Daisy Lane.

Image Source: Unknown Source (Digital)

Source: Charmed Cards & Crafts Digital

Source: Magnolia (Rubber)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Copic Basics Class #1

Last week I told you all that I am going to start teaching some classes at a local Scrapbook Store. My blog will be directed towards those that come there for a while.

There will be a series of 14 different classes that you can choose from Wow! I have been designing example cards for each of those classes for the past 2 weeks. It's very time consuming. I'm almost finished. I thought I would share these cards on my blog so that if any of the Daisy Lane Customers want to look at them at home they can.

The first class will be "Copic Basics". I will cover all the fundamentals about Copic Markers. The different types, storage, refilling, replacing nibs, explanation of letters & numbers. We will go over the Copic Color Chart and a little bit about how beneficial using a color wheel can be. I will show my personal SWATCH book. I will have plenty of handouts that cover all the information given in class plus a lot more that there just won't be time for. We'll talk about color groups and how you can pick your colors out.

In this class, we will also do handson. You will learn various ways to lay down color and blend it together. You will need the following Copic Markers for this class- B93, B97, E25, YR24, RV93 & C. Blender. The following two cards are the two methods we will practice in class.

Image by Tiffany Doodles (Digital)

You will learn a ton of information in this class. And I'm sure everything will be anxious to color, color, color. But knowing the basics first is crucial to your happiness and well being with Copics. Trust me!

Okay, I'll post information on the 2nd class soon. Feel free to email me with any questions about this class that you may have.

I'll be doing demos on Jan 22 from11-4 at the store in Mattoon.

The first class for the public is:
February 12th. 10am-noon Basic Copics Class
2pm-5pm Demos

February 26th 10am-noon Skin,Hair & Eyes Class
2pm-4pm Shadows & Shading Class

Sign up now at the store for your classes. I expect them to fill up fast.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Copic Teaching Job

Hey Everyone,
I'm so excited! I am going to start teach Copic Classes at a major Scrapbook store about 75 miles from my home. That seems like a long way, but it's only 2 Saturday's a month. Since it's a little bit of a drive, we are going to utilize Saturday to the full. I'll have at least 2 classes during the day. Maybe some time to demo for new customers too. We'll be offering 14 different classes. I've found that most scrapbook stores only offer basic beginner type stuff. You can choose to just do beginner stuff, but for those that really get interested, they can learn all kinds of skills and get more and more detailed.

It is exciting, but sooooo time consuming getting all the stuff ready, so.......see ya later!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Too many irons in the Fire!

Last December one of my nieces got married. I got involved in making a bunch of shower decorations with my cricut. They were really cute. And I made her shower cake and then her wedding cake.

This Jan 2, her younger sister is getting married. Here I go again. So far, I'm only doing the wedding cake. Only! Yikes! The one I made last year was the last one I made. I've been so involved in Copic Classes and learning new techniques myself, I've not kept practicing.

Oh well. She sent me a pic of the cake she likes but reversing the colors. I started to sketch it out, then got carried away and started adding Cricut flowers and ribbon & beads. My little drawing is probably cuter than the actual cake will be. But this is what I'm going to try and do.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Loralie Designs Stamps

Well, I received my new stamp sets from Loralie Designs yesterday. I had to sit down and make a couple. I absolutely love doing this type of coloring.

This one is called "For You". I did her in Copics. I'm playing with a new method for skin. First I laid down E00 all over. Then I used E02 around the edges of her face and lightly feathered it inward. I then took E11 and put a very thin shadow line all around her hair and "shadowed areas" and then added her R20 blush and then took E00 and blended it all together.

I did the same on her arms but only put the shadows next to her body. I then used E04 and added the darkest shadows you see on her eyes, under her chin and arms.

This next one is called "Charlotte".
I again used the same method on her skin, but used E000 all over, E00 for shading, R20 for blush and E02 for thin shadow.
Blended all together with the E000. I then used the E04 for dark shadows again.

You'll be seeing a lot of these ladies for a while as I play around with them.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Summer Copic Class Series is Done!

Hello Everyone,

Wow! The summer went fast. I didn't realize getting together a class each week would be so time consuming. But it sure was! The first series is over and I'm looking to fill up a class to start in November.

In the meantime, I let my stash of cards get dangerously low. I threw these two together. The stamp is by Loralie Designs. I love her stuff. I just ordered several more of her stamps.

This one is done in Y11, Y15, Y17 & Y19. The Violets are V12,V15 & V17.

The colors on this one are BG11,BG15 & BG18. The reds are R24, R27 & R29.
It's a tiny bit out of focus as the brad I added messed up the scanning.

I hope to do some challenges really soon.
Til Later!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

3rd Place Winner at Tiffany Doodles Challenge

Hi everyone,
I won again at the Tiffany Doodles challenge. The card you see in the previous blog is the 3rd place winner! I do love winning! I don't know how the rest of you girls find time to blog during the summer. I can barely keep up with getting materials ready for my Copic Classes. We are off the the Lake of the Ozarks later this week. So, maybe I'll have a chance to make some cards to post then.

We are also remodeling (an ongoing thing) and my office/scrapbook room is on the schedule for tomorrow. That means no computer and no area to do anything for a few days.

So, I hope to talk to you all next week.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Playing with my Blog

Hi everyone,
I'm sorry if every time you look at my blog it's different. I got a message that the BG Iwas using was going to disappear. This is forcing me to redo stuff. I opened up a can of worms. This is not that easy to do. I will keep playing around until I'm happy!

So, please ignore it.

My copic classes are going well. #3 is this Tuesday and the girls are signing up for more. So, that is great!

That doesn't leave me with much time for doing anything else in this arena anyway.

Gotta Go! Later!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tiffany Doodles Challenge #2 TD02

Hey Everybody,

How's everyone been? Sorry I haven't uploaded anything lately. This is absolutely our busiest time of the year. But it should be a little better now.

The FIRST Copic Class was last night. It went well and was fun! I really hope the girls that came thought so too!

This card is my interpretation of Tiffany Doodles 2nd Challenge which is to have birds & a window in your card. The birds and the Sudzy Dog are TD Digi's. the Pooch Parlour storefront is from "CharmedCardsandCrafts" in the UK. All colored in Copics. Hope you like it.

Til Next Time


aka Lisa

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Good morning everyone, I'm back! What a trip! New York was very interesting. I loved visiting, but would not be able to live in all that chaos. Wow! Me and my girlfriends were able to jump off the bus at one point and go to Saks Fifth Ave and we had just enough time to do a makeover with Laura Mercier Makeup. What fun that was. Those artists in NY really know their stuff. It was awesome to be able to see all the landmarks that I've heard about all my life- Time Square, Madison Sq Gardens, Rockafeller Center, Central Park, Ground Zero, Saks, Statue of Liberty .......I have over 700 pics to sort through. I'm not going to post 700 pics, but I picked 3 for you today.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hailing from Toronto

Hey Everybody,
I didn't think I would have time to blog on my trip, but we are waiting on the bus to leave so......We're in Toronto. We have seen Niagara Falls (really beautiful). They are having a Summit here this week and the whole city is a mess. 15 Presidents or Countr leaders are coming in (including Obama) and we aren't able to tour the city at all. Oh well! Off to NY area today. It will take all day to get there though. Gotta go!

Friday, June 18, 2010

NewYork! New York! Here I come!

Good AM to all,
So I'm off to NewYork via Canada. We leave around 2:00. I'm very excited but also sad to leave my home (which includes my DH & my little baby April(poodle).

We got home last night and our A/C has gone belly up! No problem! It's only going to get to 95 today. What??? It's about 85 right now in the house. But the humidity outside is worse than in here, so........Hopefully it's getting fixed this afternoon. Isn't that the way it goes when you're leaving town.

I won't be on my blog for about 2 weeks, so please don't think I've stopped publishing. I'll be back. Hope everyone has a good rest of June.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My first Official Class Attendee

Hello All,

I am so excited! My first person officially signed up to take my first 3 classes. I know there are others coming, it's just still early and they haven't taken the time to sign up! (pay up!) They will.

I'm frantically getting all kinds of little things done around here so that while I'm away in NY, he won't have too much to do around the house. I just found out that I needed a congratulations card for some friends that got hitched last month that I didn't know about. (not very close friends huh!) Here is the card I made for them. It's a digi by Karen Doodles and I love it. The faces are so realistic looking. I find a lot of wedding stuff has goofy faces and I like wedding pics to be more realistic, therefore, this is Perfect. Yes, I mean to give them a DARK Skin Tone as they are African American. Done in Copics and some various CS and Bling I have lying around.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Loralie Designs Card

Well, I found time to make a card with my new stamp. This is a stamp by Loralie Designs. I think her line of 'ladies' is really cute. I colored it in copics. The BG paper is Beacon Street by Daisy D's Paper line. The maroon piece is embossed with a Sizzix EF. Hope you like it. I have to say I was a little disappointed with my new stamp. On the front of the package, you'll see on my last post that it showed her as a Bride with a veil. That is why I bought this one because I love doing brides. But the actual stamp had a hanky type of hat on her and no veil. I am bummed about that. She' still cute though!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shows Over

Hey Everybody, I just got home from working the weekend at the Rubber Stamp Show in Collinsville, IL. I did demos for the Rubbernecker Booth. I met a lot of really really nice ladies. I even managed to shop for about 10 total minutes. In that time, I picked up something new that just came out, Pan Pastels from Bugawumps. I'm really excited to try them out (maybe tomorrow, I'm exhausted). They are a creamy chalk and I grabbed some special applicators that I hope I can master using. I also bought ONE stamp. I know! Just ONE! But it's a doozy (is that how you spell doozy?) Anyway, it's "Fairy Tale Romance" by Loralie Designs. She has this small line of rubber stamps that are over sized (compared to what I normally use)
and her artwork for the stamps is fabulous! I will post some cards here soon! I did a quick scan of the insert that comes with it. Have any of you ever used any of her stuff?
I am leaving for New York come Friday though, so I'm not going to have much time to play with my new stuff! It will give me something to anticipate when I get back home.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Puppy Love

Hey everybody, Here's the last card I finished during my sleepless night. I finished it about 5:30 am. Done in copics using a digi from WinkWinkInk. The die cut paper is Flower Child White by Pop Culture. I rediscovered a Sentiments book that I bought several years ago. I'm going to start using it for my cards. It actually has some really cute stuff and I think it will actually inspire a card when you know what the sentiment is going to be in advance.
I was able to catch 2 naps today so I probably won't be able to sleep tonight either.

About 6 months ago I signed up to work at our Rubber Stamp show that is being held about 1 hour from my house. I'm working for Rubbernecker. I'm kind of excited. I really love the stamp shows more than the actual Scrapbook Shows. I just get kind of crazy to see all those stamps in one place. So, I'll hopefully be back on Monday. Goodnight!

It's 2:46am and I'm still AWAKE!

Help, I can't sleep! About once a month I have several nights where I can't sleep. Might as well make good use of the time (vs laying in the dark listening to my stomach growl like a lion cause I refuse to eat this late or early). Here are two cards I just popped out.

This first one is for some friends Anniversary next week. The image is from KarenDoodles who I just discovered today(oops! Yesterday.) I really like her images (still love you Tiffany). I cut out the fence the other day from my Cricut Pagoda cartridge and it just didn't work on that project. But was perfect here. Colored in Copics and I almost always use Pearlescent Chalk by Pebbles for my BG. The cardstock is my favorite way to do cards-I buy boxes of pre-done CS & env by DCWV or Bazzills. It really speeds up the process. Most of the time I have 40% off coupons and grab them at HL for around $6 for 40 or 50 cards per box. What a deal!

This second card is for a client. My husband does remodeling and has been working for a really sweet couple. The gentleman keeps on making lunch for our guys. He loves any excuse to BBQ. Not that many customers do this, so he deserves a handmade card. This image is also a KarenDoodles digi. I used a sizzix embossing folder for the brown paper on top. Colored in Copics of course.

Well, I'm still hungry! See ya'll on the morrow.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Balmy Wednesday!

Hello there, it's typical St. Louis style weather today. Not toooo hot, but the humidity is killer. I don't even want to go outside. So, what's a girl gonna do instead? Make a card of course!

Here is a card I did up using another Tiffany Doodles design. I really had to think about this image. I just couldn't come up with a way to use it. However, I think this is going to work. I colored her in copics and then put a layer of Clear Glossy Accent over the sunglass lenses and let them dry. It's very realistic in person. I think I'll send her to one of my friends that is not such a "girly girl". This girl looks kind of sporty to me.

Monday, June 7, 2010

2nd Entry for the TiffanyDoodles Challenge

Hi, my husband has been gone all evening, so I thought I would do another card for Tiffany's challenge. This time I actually used one of her images. LOL It is again done in Copics. The CS is Fairy Princess Wands -Blue by Cloud9Design. The rest is just plain old CS. I used my Cricut Wild Card cartridge to cut out the swirly streamer and the sentiment.
I followed the layout design by Jenyfur at

Tiffany Doodles Blog Challenge #1

I am going to try and do all of Tiffany's challenges this year. I really love your images Tiff.

Here is my submission for Challenge #1. I used a digi image I bought from MyGrafico done in Copics. The CS is Kalia by sei. It is two sided, so I used both sides for the card. In order to satisfy the layout design from Jenyfur at, I added the flower and the little punched butterflies.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Hey everybody,

Man, it's tough to take the time to Blog right now. I'm getting stuff ready for my classes and I'm going to New York from the 18th-27th of this month. I am making lot's of stuff using my Copics, but it's all for the class and not in Card form. I've had to make a swatch book just for the class as I really don't want a ton of people touching my own as it will wear it out too quickly. Then I made a smaller purse size for all those people who say to me "What are Copics?" I whip out my little purse sample book and show them.

I've been advertising in the newspaper, but also trying to send out personal invites to people whom I think will benefit/enjoy the class. It's really hard to let people know about the classes when you're not working from a Scrapbook Store Front. I've posted flyers everywhere I go.

I also made a Graduation Cake for a young friend of mine last weekend. Here is a picture of the cake.

Of course I used my Cricut. I made a template of the girl silhouette from the Beyond Birthdays Cartridge. I then used the Wild Cards cartridge to make the diploma, cap and words.

I put wax paper over them and used Color Flow icing to outline and then fill them in. They turned out really nice. My friends loved it.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Local Copic Class Questions Answered

Hey Everybody, since I'm directing people to my Blog for information about my local Copic Markers Classes, I wanted to clarify something here. The most common question I'm getting is "Do you have to be able to draw your own images?".

No, you do not. You use any Stamped Image-Rubber, Acrylic, Digital or hand drawn.

You do not need to be "uber" artistic to do this type of art. Just think of it as a much more sophisticated version of coloring in your coloring books. If you liked (or like) to do that, you'll love Copic Marker Coloring.

Here's an example of a really quick, simple but very cute card I did in about 10 minutes.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Caardvarks Blog Challenge

I have never participated in a challenge. So, I thought I would give it a try. Here is a card using their layout and a Tiffany Doodles Digi Sketch. The patterned paper is Front Porch series from My Minds Eye. I used Copic colors YG67, YG63 & YG03 on the pocket and E53,E55,E57 & E59 on the mouse. The cheeks and ears are R21 & R22. I know, I know, you've seen me use this one really recently. I just think this is the cutest image ever. Lot's of Love!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Copic Cards for my Class

The 3rd post in one day. My husband is gone fishing. So, I don't have to feel guilty about sitting at the computer and ignoring him. Ha! I really needed to get some current cards on my blog so that some potential clients can look at my work.

Here are some recent cards I made up to use as samples for my upcoming classes.This is a mystery Digi Image from I don't know where. I printed it in three different sizes and after using Copics to color, I cut them out.

Another Digi Image from Tiffany Doodles. I love this little guy. I made 7 different cards using this image.

Another Mouse in Pocket.

My Copic Swatch Book

Two posts in one day-wow! I am definitely going to be offering Copic classes in my area. I'm working out all the details. I've found a place to hold them. I'm busy making up my lesson plans and sample work to pass around in class. I've been polling all my friends and I'm going to hold them on Tuesday nights every other week. My husband doesn't understand why there is so much work involved in getting ready for the classes. He says just teach them something. Well, call me crazy, but having been to other Copic Classes and walking away disappointed, I want to make sure I really teach the girls something. I want them to leave feeling that they actually got their money's worth. I've completed my SWATCH Book for them to look at. That is what I'm going to post today. Here is how I did my Copic Swatch/Sample book. I purchased a simple Sketchbook with Heavyweight paper-70 sheets. I can write in it or tape my samples on the pages. I found you can't use your Copics on it cause they bleed through really badly. I pasted my True Copic Color Chart Pages on the first two sheets. I just make sure I add any colors I buy. I already have way too many pages to scan them all, so here is a sampling of how I did my book. I didn't decorate the book all fancy as I really care more about what is inside. I find all that fancy outer paper and stuff gets torn up too quickly anyway. I cannot believe just how invaluable a tool it is. I refer to it every single time I color something. If you haven't made yourself one, you really really should.

I started my book with Skin Tones. Then there is a page devoted to each type of hair color; brunettes, blonde's, blacks & reds. Here is a sample of one of those pages.

I then went into pages on doing specific colors; like this Black page and Red page..
I also have pages on doing Whites, Lilacs, Blues, Denims, Greens & Creams.

Next, comes a couple of pages on Shadowing: Clothing and other objects.

Then I move onto Landscapes, Trees & Leaves.
I have a couple of pages of how to color Woods of all kinds.
Then Stones, Bricks, Rocks & Pebbles.

I have a couple of pages on how to do Oceans, Lakes & Ponds.
I have a section of how to do Eyes & eye highlights.
Then a page on How to Do Glass and Metals, Fur, Misc Techniques using the Colorless Blender. How to do Translucent objects, like overlaying balloons.

Pages on doing Vintage and Pastels and Watercolor (all with Copics of course).

I then have another Techniques section where I have how to Flicking, Blending, Feathering, Scribbling, ET.

Then I have a Spotlight Section that I will add to as Marianne Walker spotlights colors.

Finally, another section on "Advanced Skin Tones". Obviously, I wish I could have grouped some things together, but that is one drawback of this not being a ringbinder. You can't take pages out and move them around after they are done. But I know where everything is since I put it all in there.
On each page, it is important to record certain things. For instance, the type of paper you did the sample on, the exact Copic colors used, and credits to someone else that you learned it from for future reference. I even have a page in the very back with 6 samples of the same stamped, colored image on 6 different types of paper for comparison.

Okay, I hope this helps someone out there. I know when I started learning about Copics, even though I was able to find some limited examples of people color swatch books, I didn't feel they were detailed enough. I felt lost. That's why I gave so much detail in this post.
Tomorrow I will post some sample artwork I'm going to use in my classes.

A Day at the Zoo

Hey All,
I've been busy doing stuff like going to the St. Louis Zoo- too busy to post on my blog. Ha! So, I thought today I'd share a few amazing pics from the zoo. I just love animals. I would prefer getting these pics of animals in the wild, but let's be real. It's just not going to happen for most animals. So, I'll pretend they are not all behind bars and glass windows. I stuck my super zoom lens on my camera before I left and I am so glad I did. I was able to get some really amazing shots, even through glass. Here are just a couple of my favorites.

I love the butterfly house. It's so quiet and 'gentle'.

My absolute favorite though is BIRDS. I just love how much of a variety there is. Our creator really put some serious thought into the Birds. They have such expressions, colors & sense of humor. I could watch them all day long.
Look at the eyelashes on this one.
This Kookaburra has the biggest head. He was hilarious.

I have no idea what this was. She resembles the Guineas that we have on our property. I do remember she had Peafowl in her title.

This Toucan kept cleaning his bill. He would dip it in the water and then rub his foot all along it.
There is a Penguin House at the zoo that is like 45-50 deg inside. They are beautiful birds, but the smell in there is tooooo much for me. It smells like rotted fish (I'm sure that what it was too).

Check out those razor looking claws. Whoa!

Had to throw an elephant in. Get it! Throw an elephant! No way!

These two Tigers were playing and I just kept snapping shots and I got this really cool one of him. Love it!
I hope you all get to go observe some animals this summer. As you all know, I have lot's of my own animals to watch. And some of you may not know that right across the highway from our place, there is an Exotic Animal Farm. It is not open to the public, but we do favors for each other, so we can go any time we want. Some of our friends & family have been fortunate enough to go with us. He raises his animals to sell to the Zoos. He has Lions, Bears, Camels, Monkeys, Deer, Elk and lot's of weird, unusual goats and birds. He has animals that are found only in Madagascar. No hissing cockroaches though. (Zoo joke) We hear the Lion roaring every single day. As the crow flies, he's only about 2 city blocks away, so the sound is very clear. You might think that is scary, but we love it. It is so beautiful. My husband helped them build the cage system they are kept in, so we are pretty confident they are well contained. No accidental escapees yet!! Okay, enough about the animals. Later!