Saturday, December 25, 2010

Skin, Hair & Eyes Class

The 2nd class that is scheduled is on "Skin, Hair & Eyes". It's pretty obvious what you will learn in this class. You will leave knowing the basic color grouping for skin. But you will also have a chart of all skin colors to use. Same with Hair. We will color one of the combinations, but you will have a chart for home that has all the most common combinations on it.We'll also do a very brief tutorial on eyes. It's pretty cool! You will need the following list of Copic Markers for this class- E000, E00, E11, R20, E53, E55, E57, Y11, Y21, YR21, N2 & .35 Black Multiliner.

Here are the sample cards that you will see posted at Daisy Lane.

Image Source: Unknown Source (Digital)

Source: Charmed Cards & Crafts Digital

Source: Magnolia (Rubber)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Copic Basics Class #1

Last week I told you all that I am going to start teaching some classes at a local Scrapbook Store. My blog will be directed towards those that come there for a while.

There will be a series of 14 different classes that you can choose from Wow! I have been designing example cards for each of those classes for the past 2 weeks. It's very time consuming. I'm almost finished. I thought I would share these cards on my blog so that if any of the Daisy Lane Customers want to look at them at home they can.

The first class will be "Copic Basics". I will cover all the fundamentals about Copic Markers. The different types, storage, refilling, replacing nibs, explanation of letters & numbers. We will go over the Copic Color Chart and a little bit about how beneficial using a color wheel can be. I will show my personal SWATCH book. I will have plenty of handouts that cover all the information given in class plus a lot more that there just won't be time for. We'll talk about color groups and how you can pick your colors out.

In this class, we will also do handson. You will learn various ways to lay down color and blend it together. You will need the following Copic Markers for this class- B93, B97, E25, YR24, RV93 & C. Blender. The following two cards are the two methods we will practice in class.

Image by Tiffany Doodles (Digital)

You will learn a ton of information in this class. And I'm sure everything will be anxious to color, color, color. But knowing the basics first is crucial to your happiness and well being with Copics. Trust me!

Okay, I'll post information on the 2nd class soon. Feel free to email me with any questions about this class that you may have.

I'll be doing demos on Jan 22 from11-4 at the store in Mattoon.

The first class for the public is:
February 12th. 10am-noon Basic Copics Class
2pm-5pm Demos

February 26th 10am-noon Skin,Hair & Eyes Class
2pm-4pm Shadows & Shading Class

Sign up now at the store for your classes. I expect them to fill up fast.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Copic Teaching Job

Hey Everyone,
I'm so excited! I am going to start teach Copic Classes at a major Scrapbook store about 75 miles from my home. That seems like a long way, but it's only 2 Saturday's a month. Since it's a little bit of a drive, we are going to utilize Saturday to the full. I'll have at least 2 classes during the day. Maybe some time to demo for new customers too. We'll be offering 14 different classes. I've found that most scrapbook stores only offer basic beginner type stuff. You can choose to just do beginner stuff, but for those that really get interested, they can learn all kinds of skills and get more and more detailed.

It is exciting, but sooooo time consuming getting all the stuff ready, so.......see ya later!