Thursday, February 25, 2010

Catching up on my Scrapbooking

Hey Everybody,

I've been working so much on my card techniques, I let my scrapbooking get behind. I keep a running scrapbook for each year. I add to it as the year goes on. It has worked out so that I use 1 scrapbook per year of our life. I am in the middle of scrapping a trip we took last September to the UP-Upper Penninsula. It is really beautiful up there. I was so surprised by how much prettier the flowers are. I guess due to their mild and wetter climate. Here in Central Illinois everything get's so dry and dies out in late summer. Anyway, Here are a few pages. Each page is a 2 page matching spread, but I only took pics of one in some cases.

This first & second one are the start of this section in my SB for this trip.

In this one I used a little Flip Book insert to put some goodies my husband collected for me from the local woods up there. You could also use these to do a flip book of pictures when you have too many for one page and yet they all go together on that page.

I like to keep my pages more on the simple side. I've never understood doing one picture on a page and then adding tons of other elements. Yes, if you're going to frame it for the wall. But if I did my scrapbook that way, I wouldn't have many actually pictures in it. I'm all about pictures.

I started using my Cricut Cartridge "Camping" and it is really simple diecuts. Not much layering. I like that too.

I usually try to mimic something in my picture. In this one we were above all the trees. So, I simply used a branch.


  1. Fantastic layouts. I really like them, you did a nice job

  2. Great job! Glad to see you are catching up on all those memories. I'm with you, like to use lotsa pics.

  3. Yay you! Love layouts that are "picture heavy". Looks like a beautiful area to visit, too. :)