Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Copic Teaching Job

Hey Everyone,
I'm so excited! I am going to start teach Copic Classes at a major Scrapbook store about 75 miles from my home. That seems like a long way, but it's only 2 Saturday's a month. Since it's a little bit of a drive, we are going to utilize Saturday to the full. I'll have at least 2 classes during the day. Maybe some time to demo for new customers too. We'll be offering 14 different classes. I've found that most scrapbook stores only offer basic beginner type stuff. You can choose to just do beginner stuff, but for those that really get interested, they can learn all kinds of skills and get more and more detailed.

It is exciting, but sooooo time consuming getting all the stuff ready, so.......see ya later!

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