Friday, January 14, 2011

Water & Clouds Class

You could color all of your water to look the same, but why would you? Come learn how to make ponds look like ponds. Oceans like oceans. And Lakes like lakes. There are different color combinations that work to make each look like what it is supposed to. What about a beautiful Waterfall. And above all of these bodies of water are CLOUDS. We'll go over some color combos for doing clouds as well. You will need the following Copic Markers for this class- BG10, B000, B21, B24, B26, B52, B91, B95, YG93, YG97, G82, G99, C0, C1, C2 & C3.

Image Source: Tiffany Doodles
Image Source: Charmed Cards & Crafts Digital
Image Source: Tiffany Doodles Digital
Stay tuned for upcoming Class dates & times at Daisy Lane Scrapbooking in Mattoon, IL.

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