Monday, April 12, 2010


Hey there Ladies,
Hope everyone is doing good. I attended a Copic Certification course yesterday and have my certificate. I'm excited. If you've been, then you know you don't really learn anything if you already have any knowledge of Copics. And that is because ladies like Sally Lynn MacDonald and Suzanne Dean have done such a nice job of teaching us through their blogs & classes. But, to be able to say you're certified is awesome. I'm working on my ideas for starting some classes here in my local area.

We also had a CK Convention over the weekend and I went on Friday and attended one class (which I was disappointed in) and then we stayed and cropped from 7-11:30. I just helped my friend get her baby album started. We accomplished 18 pages which was a good start. I really don't like those kinds of crops though. We were too crowded, too little table surface and I don't like hauling my stuff around. It never fails that I don't have what I need with me.

Oh well, I did it for her and she is happy. Catch ya later!

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