Thursday, April 1, 2010

Springtime in Illinois

Hey there, I've been really busy around the homestead cleaning up dead stuff from the winter and I just mowed for the first time. I love mowing and pruning. There is nothing like sitting in the evening and looking out at a freshly manicured lawn. And I have to say, our view here at home rivals any we see at a resort. We live on a 65 acre piece of land. Our home sits up on a hill and look down on a 2 acre pond. We put a windmill in the pond 3 years ago and built a dock with a dockhouse. It is all so cute. Matter of fact, here are some pics.Our place was just an old modular when we first bought the place 9 years ago. It looks like a little lodge now.

As you walk around the West side we built this arbor extending out from the house to give us shade on the sunny side (which is where our bedroom is). This is when it was pretty new. It's now completely covered with trumpet vines & wisteria.

Then 2 years ago my husband built a little matching Garden Shed and I put in the path going to it.

This is when we were raising the windmill. You can see the dock and wheel house I was talking about.

And this is what I looks like while I'm sitting on my back deck looking out over the pond. Each direction is a totally different view.

Next post, I'll show you the view to our East which is where we raise Whitetail Deer.

So, I'm not doing much cardmaking right now. I'm also taking Suzanne's classes and working on my Copic Techniques.


  1. Wow - beautiful piece of property you have there! When can I visit? :)

  2. Very pretty place....Marlene lemme know when we're going..Party at her house...LOL