Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Day at the Zoo

Hey All,
I've been busy doing stuff like going to the St. Louis Zoo- too busy to post on my blog. Ha! So, I thought today I'd share a few amazing pics from the zoo. I just love animals. I would prefer getting these pics of animals in the wild, but let's be real. It's just not going to happen for most animals. So, I'll pretend they are not all behind bars and glass windows. I stuck my super zoom lens on my camera before I left and I am so glad I did. I was able to get some really amazing shots, even through glass. Here are just a couple of my favorites.

I love the butterfly house. It's so quiet and 'gentle'.

My absolute favorite though is BIRDS. I just love how much of a variety there is. Our creator really put some serious thought into the Birds. They have such expressions, colors & sense of humor. I could watch them all day long.
Look at the eyelashes on this one.
This Kookaburra has the biggest head. He was hilarious.

I have no idea what this was. She resembles the Guineas that we have on our property. I do remember she had Peafowl in her title.

This Toucan kept cleaning his bill. He would dip it in the water and then rub his foot all along it.
There is a Penguin House at the zoo that is like 45-50 deg inside. They are beautiful birds, but the smell in there is tooooo much for me. It smells like rotted fish (I'm sure that what it was too).

Check out those razor looking claws. Whoa!

Had to throw an elephant in. Get it! Throw an elephant! No way!

These two Tigers were playing and I just kept snapping shots and I got this really cool one of him. Love it!
I hope you all get to go observe some animals this summer. As you all know, I have lot's of my own animals to watch. And some of you may not know that right across the highway from our place, there is an Exotic Animal Farm. It is not open to the public, but we do favors for each other, so we can go any time we want. Some of our friends & family have been fortunate enough to go with us. He raises his animals to sell to the Zoos. He has Lions, Bears, Camels, Monkeys, Deer, Elk and lot's of weird, unusual goats and birds. He has animals that are found only in Madagascar. No hissing cockroaches though. (Zoo joke) We hear the Lion roaring every single day. As the crow flies, he's only about 2 city blocks away, so the sound is very clear. You might think that is scary, but we love it. It is so beautiful. My husband helped them build the cage system they are kept in, so we are pretty confident they are well contained. No accidental escapees yet!! Okay, enough about the animals. Later!

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  1. Fantastic photos! I love bears!!!! (Even if he does have huge claws!)