Friday, March 5, 2010

Computer Viruses

Hey Everybody, I thought today I would tell you about something that you might really find useful. I have DSL Hi Speed Internet but lately have been having lot's of problems with it locking up and getting slower and slower. I have anti virus software running and I thought blocking all the Trojans, Rogues,et from infecting my system. I was using Windows Live One Care Anti Virus Software.

Little did I know that not all Virus software is made the same. I finally called my IE provider because of the slowness that was driving me crazy. We spent 2 hours on the phone together. I learned a lot. First of all-my protection software was not really doing a good job. They told me about a FREE software program to download that they said really works. It's at I downloaded it, ran it and Whoa! I had 4 Trojans and 7 Rogue Viruses, not to mention 30 other problems. It tracked them and fixed them. I cannot believe what a difference it made. My computer is running at full speed and internet pages load lightning fast again. I am so impressed. So, I can really recommend that you check this Free software out. As for a Program that really protects your computer from getting these in the first place, my IE Provider suggested CA software which is what you find at Wal-Mart. They offered it to me for free since I am under contract with them for internet service. I feel like a new woman. Hope this helps some of you out there. I know that those viruses were doing something bad because I've been recently getting about 20 spam emails a day. I never had that problem until recently. They are easy to spot. However, I got one from a close friend and opened it only to discover it was not really from them. A virus in their system had stolen all their email contacts and was spreading the fun!!


  1. wow..glad you were able to get your computer up to speed. I will definetly keep this in mind.
    So I take it you are a Michigan girl? Where in the UP did you go? I lived on Mackinac Island for 3 years before moving here to Hilton Head Island.

  2. No, I'm not a MI girl. We live in Central IL. We had never ventured up North for a vaca, so we decided to go touring in our RV. It is really beautiful up there. Hilton Head is also. I used to live in Atlanta.