Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm Dreamin

I downloaded this freebie yesterday from the Dezenaworld website and thought I would enter it in their challenge.
I'm not as fond of cartoon style images as I am of more real life images. I thought this one was cute though. Our 17th Anniversary is next week. I might use this one for my card to my hubby. I can fill the inside with all kinds of mushy stuff. He never reads my blog so I feel safe in telling you that I am going to buy him a Keurig Coffee Machine. (I don't drink coffee but the thought of being able to make tea, cocoa and ice tea by the glass is really appealing to me).And who knows, I just might start drinking coffee with all the flavors they have available. And of all the things, I just got a 10% off coupon for Macy's where they are on sale. Yeh! Check ya'll later!


  1. You can add it to your blog or wherever. All I did was go in under add a gadget, go to add picture and pasted the URL and what I wanted to say in the tilte bar. If you have any ?'s let me know. The link is as follows:
    Glad you like the's been a blast to watch. I stepped away from the computer for a cpl hours and missed it.

  2. Aaack!! Coffee is EVIL!!! :)

    Beautiful card, though!