Sunday, March 28, 2010

Suzanne Deans Online Copic Classes

Good evening, I wanted to post something for the weekend. I am taking the online Copics classes offered by Suzanne Dean on

If you are interested in Copics at all, I think her classes are worth the money. I skipped Class 1 and went right to Class 2 and have finished Lesson#3 so far. I am definitely learning to fine tune my techniques. Here are two cards I colored a week ago and just turned into cards. I'll post some this week showing progress.
The first one is a stamp by 'stampingbella' called Miranda the Teacup girl. Isn't she adorable!
This second on is another 'stampingbella' called Bessie Lulu. It's done in Prismacolor & Gamsol.
I can't wait for someone to get pregnant so I can use this stamp for them.
It's been raining here, but as of tomorrow it is supposed to head into the mid 70's for the rest of this week. Can't wait to go out and mow my lawn for the first time.
My hubby bought some Huge Pumpkin seeds and is going to try and grow the biggest pumpkin he can. He's got about 20 of our friends doing the same thing. It's unbelievable what all is involved in growing a 200+ pumpkin, but it will be fun. I'll post pics as the summer goes on. Have a great week in whatever you are doing!!!


  1. Wow! Great job on the cards.
    Talking about Pumpkins and sunflowers,You make me miss my garden.