Sunday, June 6, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Hey everybody,

Man, it's tough to take the time to Blog right now. I'm getting stuff ready for my classes and I'm going to New York from the 18th-27th of this month. I am making lot's of stuff using my Copics, but it's all for the class and not in Card form. I've had to make a swatch book just for the class as I really don't want a ton of people touching my own as it will wear it out too quickly. Then I made a smaller purse size for all those people who say to me "What are Copics?" I whip out my little purse sample book and show them.

I've been advertising in the newspaper, but also trying to send out personal invites to people whom I think will benefit/enjoy the class. It's really hard to let people know about the classes when you're not working from a Scrapbook Store Front. I've posted flyers everywhere I go.

I also made a Graduation Cake for a young friend of mine last weekend. Here is a picture of the cake.

Of course I used my Cricut. I made a template of the girl silhouette from the Beyond Birthdays Cartridge. I then used the Wild Cards cartridge to make the diploma, cap and words.

I put wax paper over them and used Color Flow icing to outline and then fill them in. They turned out really nice. My friends loved it.

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  1. Fantastic cake, Prismadonna!

    Hope your Copics classes fill up. I know I'd take them if I lived near you!